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Further Information

Say Two Productions is a national & international production Company. The company have recently returned from tours of the Caribbean Islands, Ireland, Italy, Sicily and the United States of America. Say Two perform to sell out audiences in major theatres and community venues, worldwide.Each of our products, performances and educational workshops, are primarily aimed at students.  

The Company have been touring theatres, educational establishments, community venues, nationally and internationally for over 25 years and are, without a doubt, one of the leading players in the field of theatre in education


Shakespeare & International Tours

We are excited to be in a position to offer educational establishments the opportunity to use our expertise and experience as back-up teaching resources. The perfect vehicle to inspire, educate and engage students of all ages, in a fun, faster, flexible way to learn and get results quicker. 

Education Establishments

The packages cater for all learning styles and levels, from Primary, Secondary, College, University, private sectors' partners aiming to suit specific aims & objectives, learning criteria, writing and devising tailor made curriculum.

The Company's experience working with valued partners nationally and internationally, over the past twenty five years, has earned them an excellent reputation as advisors and consultants globally. 

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