Workshops & Sessions


Psychodrama therapy removes individuals from a one to one situation and gives the students the opportunity to 'act out' and thus experience various aspects of problems in a larger than life dimension. The students have the opportunity to interact with other "actors" these "actors" play the roles of the important "others". Drama is the perfect vehicle to make learning fun and to develop students understanding of the world around them. The key concepts of the training workshops are based on:

 1) spontaneity and creativity

 2) situation

 3) insight.  

All are interrelated in such a manner that when properly focused in a group or individual, a change invariably takes place through expressions of suppressed or repressed material, through further understanding past problems and re-education for improved future behaviour, relationships and greater communication skills.


•Getting in touch (body centred therapies)

•Body psychotherapy (understanding body mind)

•Developing sensual acuity (music, sound, rhythm)

•Issue Based role-play (Centres, problem-solving, understanding the world around us)

•Physical theatre (The relationship dance)


Christine is a qualified dietician and nutritional consultant. Part of her work is

advising on speciality diets to aid in the treatment of developmental disorders. Supplementation of vitamins and minerals, additives, and antibiotics avoidance.

•Detoxification Systems

•Brain Boosters

•Vitamins & Minerals and herbal remedies

•Foods for Health & Healing

•How to perform physically & mentally

•Longevity - Healthy lifespan (optimum nutrition)

•Nutrition and Evolution (why supplements are essential for fit body fit mind.)

We will tailor-make workshops to suit your specific needs and focus. All the workshops are fun and interactive.

I hope this is helpful and very much look forward to speaking with you soon.