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Arts & Mental Health Courses


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Health & Well-Being Nutrition

Arts Workshops & Courses

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  • Say 'no' to mental illness

  • Say 'no' to disease

  • Say 'no' to addiction & cravings

  • Beat stress & energy exhaustion

  • Improve digestion

  • 12 weeks to super health

  • 30 day burn fat diet

  • Natural highs

  • Creative writing sessions

  • Effective communication skills

  • Dance & drama therapy

  • Binary beats & vibrational therapy

  • Cell vibration - The benefits of chi-walking

  • Anti - ageing exercise classes

  • Romeo & Juliet - Developing healthy relationships 

  • Social dance (Hip-Hop, Street, Latin, Ballroom)

  • Creative film making sessions - your covid stories

  • Themed events e.g:

  • Great Gatsby Event

  • International Women's Day 

  • Hits from the Musicals


Coaching & Nutritional Therapy

Physical & Mental Well-being Sessions

  • Identify the role of dietary habits in overall health.

  • Identify environmental and social influences on dietary patterns.

  • Describe factors that influence dietary patterns.

  • Recognise the limitations and dangers of a 'one-diet-fits-all' approach.

  • Identify how culture, age, geographic region, and socio-economic status influence dietary eating.

  • Special diets for special people.


What is Health & Wellness?

Two of the hottest key words in the nutrition industry are Health & Wellness.

What do they mean?

Mental - Physical - Social

The most important for a healthy lifestyle is nutrition.


Influenced by the world around us.

Geographical, cultural, and social


Nutritional coaching strategies

Choose your prefered Method of Communication


Support on dedicated Webpage


Online group & one-to-one trainings & sessions


One-to-one telephone & video consultations

Find Out More - Adult Online Courses - Accredited

Film & Video Production/Directing/Acting
for Camera Techniques


"All courses culminate with an online, live stream
performance assessment certification"

Musical Theatre (Voice, Performance, Dance) Background & history

Classical & Prosody

acting, history, text and text analysis


Verse & Prose


Children's Online Accredited Courses

Qualifications - UCAS Points for University

  • Dance, Drama & Vocal Tech Sessions (Hip-Hop, Commercial, Classical)

  • Short Film Making for Children - complete your video

  • Writing Poetry and Prose - Competitions online - qualifications to go towards UCAS points

  • Accredited Exams Taken Online - OFQUAL accredited

  • Public Speaking Communication Skills for Kids (OFQUAL accredited)

  • Poetry & Prose - Write Your Own Raps (Accredited)

  • Nutrition for Health Events, Competitions & Courses 

  • Creative Writing Short Story Competitions

Care Home, Community & Residential Entertainment

Providing live, interactive, online entertainment to hundreds of care homes, community centres

support services every year.

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Great Gatsby Valentine's Show

Mother's Day & International Women's Day Performance
Easter Eggstravaganza 
VE Week Performance

Punch & Judy Summer Pantomime

'We're all going on a Summer Holiday'

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Saturday 13th Februaury!