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  • Say 'no' to mental illness

  • Say 'no' to disease

  • Say 'no' to addiction & cravings

  • Beat stress & energy exhaustion

  • Improve digestion

  • 12 weeks to super health

  • 30 day burn fat diet

  • Natural highs

  • Creative writing sessions

  • Effective communication skills

  • Dance & drama therapy

  • Binary beats & vibrational therapy

  • Cell vibration - The benefits of chi-walking

  • Anti - ageing exercise classes

  • Romeo & Juliet - Developing healthy relationships 

  • Social dance (Hip-Hop, Street, Latin, Ballroom)

  • Creative film making sessions - your covid stories

  • Themed events e.g:

  • Great Gatsby Event

  • International Women's Day 

  • Hits from the Musicals

Coaching & Nutritional Therapy

Physical & Mental Well-being Sessions

Identify the role of dietary habits in overall health.

Identify environmental and social influences on dietary patterns.

Describe factors that influence dietary patterns.

Recognise the limitations and dangers of a 'one-diet-fits-all' approach.

Identify how culture, age, geographic region, and socio-economic status influence dietary eating.

Special diets for special people.

What is Health & Wellness?

Two of the hottest key words in the nutrition industry are Health & Wellness.

What do they mean?

Mental - Physical - Social

The most important for a healthy lifestyle is nutrition.


Influenced by the world around us.

Geographical, cultural, and social


Nutritional coaching strategies

Choose your prefered Method of Communication

Support on dedicated Webpage

Online group & one-to-one trainings & sessions

One-to-one telephone & video consultations

Find Out More - Adult Online Courses - Accredited

Film & Video Production/Directing/Acting for Camera Techniques

"All courses culminate with an online, live stream performance assessment certification"

Musical Theatre (Voice, Performance, Dance) Background & history

Classical & Prosody

acting, history, text and text analysis

Verse & Prose

Children's Online Accredited Courses

Qualifications - UCAS Points for University

  • Dance, Drama & Vocal Tech Sessions (Hip-Hop, Commercial, Classical)

  • Short Film Making for Children - complete your video

  • Writing Poetry and Prose - Competitions online - qualifications to go towards UCAS points

  • Accredited Exams Taken Online - OFQUAL accredited

  • Public Speaking Communication Skills for Kids (OFQUAL accredited)

  • Poetry & Prose - Write Your Own Raps (Accredited)

  • Nutrition for Health Events, Competitions & Courses 

  • Creative Writing Short Story Competitions

Care Home, Community & Residential Entertainment

Providing live, interactive, online entertainment to hundreds of care homes, community centres

support services every year.

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