Say Two Community CIC

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Arts Therapy Community Programs

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Consistent life changing events, workshops & information seminars

Programs Include 

Body centered movement/dance therapy for health

Creative writing, & associated arts as a therapeutic aid

Effective communication skills to develop healthier relationships (giving a voice which matters). 

Assertive role play session, (‘Act as If’) - body language, public speaking & presenting ‘off the page’, micro-worlds

Creative music therapy, Binary Beats and Vibrational Therapy, Cell Vibration,

 (the benefits of Chi Walking)

Correcting breathing techniques, relaxation and core breath-work therapy

Sensual acuity therapy (developing heightened awareness of bodily reactions and emotions), Listening to the whispers

Emotional recall, identifying the difference between aggressive, passive & assertive behaviour, with practical hands-on activities, (role-play) offering a gateway to improved behaviour therapy.

Dealing with anger management in a healthy way, techniques and focus training.